Bow Sinister Archery is a service oriented, small business that offers a wide variety of archery equipment and leather working supplies.

Bow Sinister Archery was established in 2005.  Seeing the need for a local archery shop that focused more on traditional archery and affordability, Jeff Betke set to work filling that void.  After 9 years in Prince George, we relocated to Kamloops.

Initially, Bow Sinister offered only traditional archery equipment and catered mostly to the members of the SCA.  Over the next few years, Jeff learned to do a bit of leatherwork, (which has since developed into some fairly intricate carvings and creations), and searched for new and additional suppliers.

Fast Forward to now - Bow Sinister Archery now offers a full line of traditional, compound and crossbow equipment.  Our brands include, Martin, Bear, PSE, Samick, Easton, Beman and much, much more.  We can outfit you with almost all of your target and hunting needs.

We're still a small business, but with the continued support of our friends and customers, our eventual goal is to have a pro-shop and a large indoor range.  However... this plan will take a great deal of money to properly implement and until we get more customers purchasing from us, it's always on the back burner... but never dismissed.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far.  We look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Jeff Betke - Owner